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Matcha Ice Cream


3 c. half & half
3 c. whipping cream
2 tbsp matcha powder
⅔ c. sugar
5 egg yolks
pinch of salt


pour one cup of half & half and mix it with the 2 tbsp matcha powder –  mix well
heat up the rest of the half & half and whipping cream in a pot to warm temperature
whisk egg yolks, sugar and salt to pale colour
add the warm temperature milk slowly to the egg mixture  along with the matcha mixture
reheat the custard mixture in the pot until it thickens to custard like consistency
cool the ice cream mixture in fridge for a few hours
churn the ice cream mixture in an ice cream machine for about 20 minutes
freeze the ice cream for a few hours before serving


#P&Y Tips:

ensure the matcha powder is mixed well in the half & half – no lumps


Written by potsandyams

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